Creating Joshua Delfonso

This week’s assignment was to create a character and to import it into Unreal Engine. As I was building the concept for my character, I imagined this all-around, “hispter” dude from San Francisco: Joshua Delfonso. Joshua Delfonso is a true San Franciscan, born and raised at SF Bay Area. He lives in the Mission district […]

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A home for Beetlejuice

A Home for Beetlejuice started with the idea of creating an environment for a beloved, sarcastic and disruptive character inspired by the 1988 motion picture, Beetlejuice. Perhaps one of the influences of this project is the countdown for Halloween. Consequently, our brainstorming phase is full of ghouls, monsters and spider webs Mind Maps: Mind Map […]

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Entomology Creative Process

The Entomology project started with the idea of solitude staged in an apocalyptical scenario. As an inspiration, I used the Entolomogy poem about insects, a woman and a terrible place. After reading the poem a couple of times, I couldn’t stop thinking about the protagonist: a solitary woman living in a reverse secret garden full […]

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